Jace Long 

Sport: Men's Golf
Position: Starter
Year in School: Senior
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Dixon, MO

Why did you choose Mizzou?
My two older brothers came to Mizzou, so I was already a fan. I made my decision based on how happy I would be and the people that I would surround myself with on the team. 
How did you decide on your major?
I would love to be a college golf coach at some point in my life and I thought this major would help me achieve that goal. 
Favorite class and why?
PRT 3215, taught by Dr. Vaught. He keeps everything so interesting, as well as teaching us about the subjects; he keeps it fun and very interesting.
What match do you look forward to most and why?
I treat every tournament the same. I go into every tourney with the idea that I should win. However, the Big 12 tournament is something to look forward to because of the great competition in the Big 12.
What do you want to do when you graduate?
Play professionally
How did you get started in your sport?
My family has always been a golfing family and I just seemed to grasp the concept of the game a little better than they did. I think it helped that I was the baby of the family because I had the opportunity to learn from more people. 
Best memory at Mizzou (athletic related)?
My first tournament at Mizzou. We ended up winning the tourney and it was a great start to my college career 
Best memory at Mizzou (non-athletic related)?
My first "A" grade in a college class. 
Volunteering/Community Service you have done?
I have been involved with Mill Creek Elementary, Boy Scouts, golf camps around the area, as well as gathering donations for the Susan G. Komen fund through playing golf holes. 
Hobbies outside of your sport?
Ping pong, puzzles and music. 
Accomplishment(s) you are most proud of?
I was recently selected to represent the US golf team in China in August 2011. Four college players were selected to compete in the World University games held in China this year and I was lucky enough to receive an invitation.