TJ Moe

Sport: Football
Position: Receiver
Year in School: Senior
Major: Business Finance
Hometown: O'Fallon, MO

Why did you choose Mizzou?
MU is my state University, and it's close to home. I love the coaches and family atmosphere.
How did you decide on your major?
I like working with numbers and have always been good at math.
Favorite class and why?
Public Speaking, because it's something everyone can improve on and it was fun.
What game do you look forward to most and why?
The Kansas game is always a great environment at Arrowhead; it's fun!
What do you want to do when you graduate?
I'm undecided at this point.

How did you get started in your sport?
I started playing when I was 7 years old and never looked back.
Best memory at Mizzou (athletic related)?  Beating #1 Oklahoma on Homecoming when College Gameday was here.
Volunteering/Community Service you have done?
Mission trips to Kentucky and Mexico, and hospital visits to young children. 

Hobbies outside of your sport?
Church, card games and watching other sports.
Accomplishment(s) you are most proud of?
Being a Missouri Tiger!