As Mizzou Athletics transitions into arguably the most prestigious conference, your commitment will allow more than 520 student-athletes on 20 different teams the ability to compete at the highest level both in the classroom and in their sport.  Our shared vision, “Going For Gold”, will require continual construction and renovation to Mizzou’s Sports Park. Your financial support will provide student-athlete scholarship aid and assist with state-of-the-art facility improvements to enhance game-day experiences for all students, alumni and fans.


The University of Missouri Athletics Department is a self-supporting entity that is required to fund over $9.5 Million annually in student-athlete scholarship costs while raising 100% of the private funding for all athletics facilities construction and renovations. These revenues must be annually sufficient to cover our operation needs. In coordination with the annual fundraising for student-athlete scholarships, Mizzou Athletics must prudently seek alternative resources mentioned below to meet an ever-increasing budget, while improving the quality of our athletic programs.

One key component to the success of Mizzou student-athletes and enjoyment of fans is the availability of modern athletic facilities. Over the past two decades, Mizzou Athletics - due in large part to generosity of Tiger fans - has been able to recently renovate or construct athletic facilities such as the ones listed below. The Athletic Department continues to invest in its infrastructure as plans are underway for the creation or renovation of many other ongoing facility projects. 

Current Projects Under Construction

Memorial Stadium East Side Expansion
Expected Completion 8.30.14, Cost $45.55 Million


Completed Projects

  1. Faurot Field Renovation
    Completed in 1996, Cost $15.2 Million
  2. Daniel J. Devine Pavilion
    Completed in 1998, Cost $6 Million
  3. Audrey J. Walton Track and Soccer Field
    Completed in 1998, Cost: $2.8 Million
  4. University Field Softball Stadium
    Completed in 1999, Cost: $400,000
  5. Ralph and Debbie Taylor Phi Delta Theta Stadium
    Completed in 2000, Cost: $2.2 Million
  6. Memorial Stadium Press Box Expansion
    Completed in 2000, Cost: $13.1 Million
  7. Green Tennis Center at Mizzou
    Completed in 2002, Cost $2 Million
  8. Faurot Field, “Field Turf”
    Completed in 2003, Cost: $750,000
  9. Pedestrian Overpass
    Completed in 2003, Cost: $2.5 Million
  10. Mizzou Arena
    Completed in 2004, Cost $75 Million
  11. Mizzou Aquatics Center
    Completed in 2005
  12. Wrestling Practice Facility
    Completed in 2005, Cost $150,000
  13. Audrey J. Walton Track and Soccer Field Resurfacing and Throws Area
    Completed in 2006, Cost: $1 Million
  14. Mizzou Student-Athlete Academic and Training Facility
    Completed in 2007, Cost $16 Million
  15. Scoreboard upgrades at Memorial Stadium, Audrey J. Walton Track and Soccer Field, University Field Softball Stadium and Ralph and Debbie Taylor Phi Delta Theta Stadium Completed in 2009, Cost $10+ Million
  16. McArtor Indoor Baseball Facility - Phase 1 of the Ralph and Debbie Taylor Phi Delta Theta Stadium
    Completed in 2010, Cost $2+ Million
  17. Gymnastics and Golden Girls Practice Facility - Tiger Performance Center
    Completed Fall 2011, Cost $5.625 Million
  18. Farout Field Turf
    Completed Fall 2012, Cost $1+ Million
  19. Memorial Stadium West Tower Renovation
    Completion 8.31.13, Cost $9.75 Million
  20. Old Hawthorne Golf Facility
    Completion 9.28.13, Cost $1.357 Million
  21. Mizzou Tennix Center
    Completion 4.12.14, Cost $3 Million
  22. Ralph and Debbie Taylor Phi Delta Theta Baseball Expansion
    Completion 5.17.14, Cost $4 Million