The University of Missouri Athletics Department through the Tiger Scholarship Fund (TSF) awards scholarships to approximately 520 student-athletes. These scholarships, which cover tuition, fees, room, board and books, cost the TSF over $8 million annually. Since Mizzou Athletics is a self-sustaining entity, virtually all athletic scholarships are funded through generous gifts from passionate and loyal alumni and friends. In addition, the Mizzou Athletics Department awards the maximum number of scholarships per sport as allowed by the NCAA.

Generous contributions from friends and alumni are relied upon to meet our scholarship funding requirements. Currently interest generated from endowed funds for athletics annually provide TSF with a steady revenue source of over $1 million in spendable income toward the $8 million scholarship bill. The need for private support will continue to grow as the cost of higher education escalates in both dollar terms and as a percentage of overall athletic expenses.


The Power of an Endowment

Endowed funds provide stable, long-term financial support for University of Missouri Athletics Department. Unlike athletics operations revenue (such as ticket or concession sales) or annual TSF contributions for seating/parking priorities, gifts to endowed funds are invested to protect the "purchasing power" so that over the long term the funds will fulfill the donors’ specified purposes. The amount made available to Mizzou athletics continues to accrue, providing crucial scholarship support for generations of Missouri Tiger student-athletes.


The Cost of Excellence

While all gifts are welcome and appreciated, the scholarship endowment program allows donors to have a lasting impact on Mizzou Athletics. These gifts directly benefit student-athletes, and create a legacy that will aid their education now and in perpetuity. Currently, the University of Missouri's Athletic Scholarship Endowment is approximately $28 Million, which funds 10% of our student-athlete scholarships.   

  In-State Out-of-State
Tuition & Fees $8,693.48 $21,861.88
Room $6,011.00 $6,011.00
Board $3,790.00 $3,790.00
Books $800.00 $800.00
 Total $19,294.48  $32,462.88 

*Based on 2013 University of Missouri student costs


Endowment Gift Levels

Endowed scholarships may be established with a minimum gift or pledge of at least $50,000 through a single gift or through installments pledged over a period of time mutually agreed upon by the donor and TSF representatives (usually five years). Donors also have the opportunity to continue to fund their endowed scholarship after the original commitment is fulfilled as the income available for scholarships will increase with the value of the endowment. Mizzou Athletics is grateful for the visionary support of alumni and friends who have demonstrated their pride in the athletic and academic success of all our student-athletes by establishing named, endowed scholarships, while also forever linking their name with the proud Missouri Tiger tradition.
Endowment Level Approximate Income Available (5% distribution) Type of Scholarship Funded


Endowment Level Approximate Income Available (5% distribution) Type of Scholarship Funded
$650,000 $32,500 Full Out-of-State Scholarship
$400,000 $20,000 Full In-State
$399,999 - $50,000 $19,999 - $2,500 Partial Scholarship

  *Based on 2013 University of Missouri student costs


How an Endowment Works

$100,000 Gift from donor
x 8% Estimated rate of return
= $8,000 Investment return
5% or $5,000 Available for scholarship support
3% or $3,000 To manage and grow fund principal

The above example is for illustration purposes only. Endowments are long-term accounts with a minimum balance requirement. The University of Missouri endowment accounts are all pooled and invested as one portfolio. The spending formula to be used distributes annually 5% of a trailing 12-quarter average of the endowment's total market value, with the understanding that this spending rate over the long-term will not exceed total real return (return net of inflation) from investments. The annual amount will be distributed in accordance with guidelines set by the donor. Net returns in excess of the spending rate increase the market value of the endowment pool. The pool is invested over an infinite time horizon with the goal of maintaining the value in real terms, thus providing a steady flow of income.


How You Can Help

Your investment in the future of Mizzou Athletics can permanently endow a variety of student-athlete scholarships. Many types of gifts and gift vehicles are available to donors for the establishment of an endowment. The TSF development staff assists each donor, working through their advisors, as they choose the most beneficial asset and the best method of transferring that asset to the University of Missouri Department of Athletics in order to achieve his or her objectives. Additionally, contributions made to establish an endowed fund are considered charitable gifts to the University of Missouri on behalf of the Tiger Scholarship Fund and accordingly, are 100 percent tax deductible.


How to Establish a Scholarship Endowment

You can make your gift to the scholarship endowment program through a variety of means:

Your gift is an investment that will pay important dividends for future generations of student-athletes and the University they represent.


For more information, please contact TJ Leon at or 573.884.0580