Parking 101


Parking 101 is designed to help those who hold football priority parking permits better understand the process of how the parking permits are allocated.  In order to be eligible for a Priority Parking permit you must be a member of the TSF and a football season ticket holder.  For any questions on the below material, please contact the TSF office at (573) 882-0704 or


Parking Allocation Process


Each donors's football Priority Parking Points total plays a critical role in the final allocation of parking permits.  Meeting these point cutoff requirements and the minimum donation requirements may not guarantee that you will be allocated to the parking lot of your choice; Priority Points requirements vary each year for each lot, depending on the demand, and the Priority Points totals for other TSF donors.


All TSF donors requesting a priority football parking permit(s) are put in order of their football Priority Points.  Donors with the most points are allocated their parking permit(s) first, beginning with the highest priority lot(s) requested: Founders Lot, Lot A, Lot TQBC, etc... Once a donor is allocated the last parking permit for a lot, his or her Priority Points total is the cutoff for the Lot.  For example:


Please click here for more information on Priority Points.


Parking Allocation FAQ


What happens if I qualify for a parking lot based on my points, but I choose not to make the required donation? 

TSF performs an audit based on parking pass donation requirements. If the parking pass is paid for and has been allocated, but the donation has not been paid, TSF will hold the pass until the donation requirement has been met. Letters are sent out notifying parking pass recipients that there is a balance due.


Can I donate more to TSF to receive better parking?


Every donation made to TSF helps your Priority Points total, but this does not guarantee that you will receive your requested parking pass. Please note that if you donate more than your seats and/or parking pass require in an effort to increase your Priority Points or are unsatisfied with your parking and/or seat assignment, your donation is non-refundable.  Beginning in January 2011, any donation made to the University of Missouri cannot be refunded due to IRS tax regulations.


How can I keep my tailgating group together?

Tailgating with other friends and family members is easier if you’re in the same lot. However, we do not know who is in your tailgating group. You can request to have your parking pass in the same lot as other members of your group.  The person in your group with the fewest points will be used to determine the location of the parking passes for your entire group.   


The lot I requested has empty parking spaces on football game days, but I didn’t qualify for it. Why didn’t I get a pass in this lot?

We do not overallocate the lots, but we do sell the exact number of parking passes to correspond with the number of parking stalls in each lot.  There are donors who do not use their parking passes for every game, which is why some lots have empty spaces on game days.


If I ask for two parking passes in the same lot, why do I have to have double the number of TSF Priority Points required for that lot (and triple the number of points for three passes)? 

We require double the number of football Priority Points to request two passes in the same lot to ensure that we are fair to other donors who are purchasing one pass in that lot.


Why doesn’t my parking pass count as a donation?

Parking passes are $135, regardless of which lot is selected or allocated. This does not count as a donation because money collected from parking passes goes toward improving security and traffic flow, providing more courtesy golf cart shuttles, parking lot surface improvements, game day cleanup of lots, and offering more temporary restroom facilities.

How do I order parking?

Your parking order form is included with the football season ticket renewal packet or the new season ticket request packet. To qualify for a priority parking pass, you must pay $135 for each parking pass that you order, be a season ticket holder, and donate the minimum donation requirement for the parking pass(es) you receive. You can also order your parking pass online with your season tickets at


If I have basketball season tickets, do I get football points for this?

No. Your football Priority Points and your basketball Priority Points both accumulate the points earned in the categories listed on the Priority Points Page. Your years of consecutive purchase of season football tickets points go into your football Priority Points. Your basketball season ticket purchase points are added into your basketball points.