The 3 Point Club provides annual support to the men's basketball program for financial needs above and beyond the program's operating budget.



The All-American Society recognizes those who have gone the extra mile in support of the Tigers. Membership in this exclusive society is granted for life once the criteria is met.



The Extra Point Club provides direct support to the Mizzou Football program above and beyond the program's operating budget.



The John and Dolly Kadlec Society seeks to honor those who have chosen to donate to Mizzou Athletics through the philanthropic avenue of planned giving.



The Mizzou Women's Connection is designed to create awareness and enthusiasm for Mizzou Athletics, while encouraging the involvement of women in sport.




Tiger Impact provides opportunities for family, friends, and alumni to get invovled, support and make a positive difference for the women's basketball program.



Letter Winner Legacy
As we continue to strengthen our Tiger Family, we look to our former Mizzou student-athletes to lead and recruit our former letter winners in our mission to provide scholarship aid to our current student-athletes. The Letter Winner Legacy Challenge is a competition that rewards the varsity team/program that earns the highest percentage of their alumni who give back and join TSF.  The team with the highest percentage of alumni, who become TSF members by the end of 2013 will be rewarded a monetary prize of $7,000 for first place and $3,000 for second place to go directly to their former sport’s operating budget.